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  • SINK. GREAT FOR TROLLING or ripping. See video below on how bait swims.
  • REALISTIC PROFILE that triggers that reaction bite that mimmics injured bait.
  • REAL IMAGE OF BAIT fish wrapped onto bait detailed down to the scale. Jerkbait captures the attention of big hungry fish that wants a big bait.
  • MULTI JOINTED JERKBAIT give it a more natural swim action that fish love.
  • WEIGHTS 1/2oz. NARROW PROFILE for targeting big fish. This bait has a slow sink rate that targets those curious fish that won't bite otherwise.

✅ Jerkbait that slow sinks 4"-6" per second.  Great for trolling. Also good for casting. 

Give it a 1-2 jerk, pause cadance to trigger those bites.  Great summer and fall time bites. Slim jerk bait will target the picky eater.

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