About Us

During a bass fishing tournament in the spring of 2008, I tied on a brand new swimbait, and on my first cast, I watched it fly across the lake and then quickly sink. The feeling of losing that expensive bait was depressing.

I was even more frustrated when I tied on another expensive swimbait and lost another one the very next cast! I lost another new bait and was fed up and thought to myself: "This is getting expensive losing these baits!" I can design baits better and make them more affordable, then losing them won't be such a big deal.

Then it hit me! Why not? I can do a better job, lower the cost, and pass those savings to other fishermen too. So that's what I did. In August 2008, I started Real Fish Bait Company. I've always dabbled with designing baits but didn't know how to get them into production.

It took me a year to research how to go from a thought to an actual prototype. I received my first prototype in early 2009 and have grown the product line since. Fast forward 16+ years later, and we now have over 200 baits and styles selection.