4" Major Minnow Jerkbait

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Vendor : Real Fish

Product Type : Fishing Lures

Sku : 4" Major Minnow - Bone


  • FLOATING. GREAT FOR TROLLING or ripping. See video below on how bait swims.
  • REALISTIC PROFILE that triggers that reaction bite that mimmics injured bait.
  • REAL IMAGE OF BAIT fish wrapped onto bait detailed down to the scale. Jerkbait captures the attention of big hungry fish that wants a smaller bait.
  • WEIGHS 1/2oz. Erratice jerkbait motion gives it a more natural injured action that fish love.
  • DIVES 2'-4'. NARROW PROFILE for targeting big fish. This bait floats and acts like in injured bait fish. 

✅ Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to get more out of your fishing trips? Then you can improve your overall fishing experience with the Real swimbait. Optimized for efficiency, durability, and affordability, this lifelike multi jointed swimbait was designed to mimic the natural swim motion of live fish,creating the most powerful fishing lure you could ever need.

✅  Great spring and summer time reaction bite!  Cast and retrieve with a stop and pause cadence. Erractic motion triggers those bites.  These jerkbaits can be fished all year round. The float model allows bait to slowly rise when paused causing a reaction bite. During colder months, slow the retrieve with a long pause before twitching bait.

✅ Drawing from my personal fishing experience of more than a decade, my specially designed swimbait features a perfectly designed for a slow sinking model, making it perfect for all fishing depths. It features a strong and durable plastic body made out of ABS and supported by a strong mesh work that makes it flexible enough to mimic the live motion of real fish while remaining friction resistant.

✅ Its sturdy metal hooks also make it a perfect fit for freshwater environments, targeting predator fishes wherever they can be found. From Bass and Red fish to Trout, Pike and lots more, your reach is set to grow increasingly larger. It can be retrieved slowly for glide action or troll bait in a small river system or big lakes.

✅ It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced angler, the Real Fish lifelike multi-jointed swimbait will make every fishing outing one to look forward to.

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