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  • REALISTIC PROFILE. See video below on how bait swims. Fast sink rate so bait will get down to those active fish.
  • ACTUAL IMAGE OF BAIT wrapped onto bait creates that natural look the baitfish.
  • 1/2oz. FAST SINK ROF 10"-15" allows bait to swim in the strike zone. Throw bait around rocky points and dropoffs.
  • GREAT SEARCH BAIT to pin point where the bait ball is located. See video below. Toss bait into the cluster of bait and hold on! Makes a great gift!
  • TWITCH LIKE A JERKBAIT. Small profile makes it a great to reach tough areas. Throw in open water or in pockets where fish are waiting for a quick meal.


✅ Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to get more out of your fishing trips? Then you can improve your overall fishing experience with the Real swimbait. Optimized for efficiency, durability, and affordability, this lifelike multi jointed swimbait was designed to mimic the natural swim motion of live fish,creating the most powerful fishing lure you could ever need.

✅ Use the floating model early morning than when sun comes out, then switch to the sink model to get down deeper as fish descends during the day. You can slow retrieve and give it a pop to give it a directional move to trigger those bites.

✅ Great spring and summer time bait for those suspended fish. Feel the explosion action from those active, hungry fish! Weighs 1/2oz. Drawing from my personal fishing experience of more than a decade, my specially designed swimbait features a perfectly designed rate of fall of one foot per second, making it perfect for all fishing depths. It features a strong and durable plastic body made out of ABS and supported by a strong mesh work that makes it flexible enough to mimic the live motion of real fish while remaining friction resistant.

✅ Its sturdy metal hooks also make it a perfect fit for freshwater environments, targeting predator fishes wherever they can be found. From Bass and Red fish to Trout, Pike and lots more, your reach is set to grow increasingly larger. It can be retrieved slowly for glide action or troll bait in a small river system or big lakes.

✅ It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced angler, the Real Fish lifelike multi-jointed swimbait will make every fishing outing one to look forward to. Troll at 2.5-3.0 mph speed to make bait swim straight.

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