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  •  DELTA KILLER FOR STRIPED BASS and largemouth bass. Big baits produce big fish. Swim this bait over rocky points and drop offs.
  • SLOW SINKING ROF 8"-10" LIFELIKE BAIT that mimmics a real baitfish that triggers those big bites! Great for those suspended fish
  • ✅ REAL IMAGE OF BAITFISH wrapped onto bait down to the scale of the baitfish. Makes a nice gift!
  • ✅ GREAT FOR TROLLING at high speeds in the river system or big lakes. Retrieve at high or low speeds to get those reaction strikes.
  •  WEIGHS 4 3/8 oz.

✅ Great summer time bait. ROF 8"-10".  Slow sink rate for the size of bait. Great for those suspended fish. Big baits=Big fish! Spring and summer time explosion action for those active fish. 

✅ Bait has realistic action that will trigger those strikes. The larger size are great for trolling. You can also cast with these baits over rocks, submerged weeds. Retrieve very slow to trigger those hungry fish.

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