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How it all started


During a bass fishing tournament in spring of 2008, I casted my brand new lure only to watch my expensive swimbait fly across the lake and quickly sink. That feeling of loosing a bait that I never got a chance to use was depressing. Then it happend again the very next cast! I lost another new bait and was frustrated and thought to myself: "This is getting expensive loosing these baits!"
If only these baits are more affordable, then loosing them won't be such a big deal. Then it hit me! I can design a better bait at a lower price and pass those savings to other fishermen too.
So that's what I did. In August 2008, I started Real Fish Bait Company.
I've always dabbled with designing baits, but didn't know how to get it into production. It took me a year of researching and finding how to go from a thought to an actual prototype. I got my first prototype late 2009 and grew the product line since. Fast forward 11 years later, I now have over 100 baits to choose from, in 80 different tackle stores nationwide. I continually design new and innovative baits every year and continue to help anglers catch more fish, myself included.


Who We Are


At the Real Fish Bait Company, you can now afford to own swimbaits without being afraid of losing a lot of money. Other swimbaits may run $80 per lure.


At last, Real Fish Bait Company offers affordable bait that looks, feels and swims like the real thing.  Big baitfish such as bluegill, tilapia and minnows are part of the game fish's main forage and our baits are just what they are looking to devour.


Look at the video clip above to the details and the lifelike features of these swimbaits. The new hard bait swim bait has life like lazer print onto the hardbait swimbaits that bass, striper, walleye, pike, musky, wahoo, spotted bass, striped bass, drum and other predatory fish love to eat.


We are constantly creating NEW BAITS, LURES, TACKLE, and innovative baits for all types of fishermen. Big saltwater and freshwater swimbaits are among the most popular tackle. Although we have been also targeting the salmon and trout anglers by creating new swimbaits such as shad, shiners, minnows, gobies and others. Check out our "Future" swimbaits page. 


We strive to create and mimic forage baits that live in local body of water: lakes, rivers, streams and saltwater.  


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How It Works


Choose from a wide variety of baits. There are many types of baitfish in different waters and by having a broad range of colors and patterns, you are certain to find one that matches your lake forage food.


Buy the Real Fish Bait and see the difference it makes on your water. Catch those large lunker fish you dreamed about and make it a reality. Tournament fisherman uses big lures to catch big fish. Real Fish Baits are noted to catch big fish.


We welcome new ideas and comments on what baits to create. If you have a new bait that is not listed n our "Future" swimbaits, please send us an email.


We are accepting new vendors and dealers. Wholesalers and distributors are welcome. Please email us for more details. 


We now have new color patterns in our hardbait series. These new baits will be great for all freshwater as well as saltwater gamefish. You will love the variety of selection to choose from of hard bait and soft bait swimbaits, difference styles, sizes and color patterns. 


So be sure to try them out and see for yourself. Email us at realfishbaitcompany@


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