4.5" S-Defender Mudscuker

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  • 4.5" S-Defender Mudscuker

4.5" S-Defender 45 Series (Sink) - Mudsucker Bluegill S Curve Waver Trout Multi Jointed Lifelike Hard Crankbait Swimbait Bass Fishing Lure Diving

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Great summer time bait. Great for those suspended fish. Spring and summer time explosion topwater action for those active fish. Bait has realistic side-to-side action that will trigger those strikes. 1/2 oz.


4.5" S-Defender 45 Series (Sink) - Mudsucker This bait can be slowly retrieved. Also you can use it like a jerkbait, give it a cadence of a jerk, pause, jerk, jerk, pause retrieve to give it a side-to-side action. This bait is a slow sink. Jerkbait that slow sinks 4"-6" per second. Great for trolling. Also good for casting. Give it a pop every so often to trigger those bites. Great summer and fall time bites. Slim jerk bait will target the picky eater. Great for trolling or ripping. See video below on how bait swims. Realistic profile that triggers that reaction bite that mimmics injured bait. Real Image of bait fish wrapped onto bait detailed down to the scale. Jerkbait captures the attention of big hungry fish that wants a big bait. Multi jointed jerkbait give it a more natural swim action that fish love. Narrow profile for targeting big fish. This bait has a slow sink rate that targets those curious fish that won't bite otherwise.

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