Coming later this year: 3-wire & 5 wire Cali-Wire-Spreaders; 3-wire & 5 wire Cali-Rigs [Umbrealla Rig style]; and Cali Blade [5 blades]




 5 wire spreader cali rig alabama style rig bass swimbait umbrella rig 


cali rig spreader wire alabama style rig 5 wire 3 wire fan spreader alabama rig style 5 wire alabama rig style fan trolling halibut salmon

Cali-Wire-Spreader 5-wire protptype behind a crankbait            or use a 3 wire spread                          or use behind a flasher trolling

These wire baits have no weight so you can trail them behind almost any bait or trolling gear. You can also vertical jig them with a spoon - 3 to 

5 baits at a time (3 rigged, 2 dummie rigs in California). The spoons will all fall at once an move in sync. Great way to fill the bags of fish quick!

alabama trolling rig flasher troll mackinaw kokanee

Use Cali-Wire-Spreader rig with a downrigger


cali rig wire spreader form trollers trolling troll



Cali-Wire Spreaders 3 and 5 wire

or use a Cali-Wire-Spreader with a 3 way swivel and weight




alabama rig style 5 wire Cali rig  alabama rig special cali rig 3 wire flasher


5-wire Cali-Rig [Alabama Rig style]                                                                                                   3-wire Cali-Rig with flasher in middle [Alabama Rig style]